Alder Portrait
Gender: Male
Origin: Terria, Sunsgrove
Family: Holly (Spouse)
Occupation: Tavern Owner
Appearances:The Land's End


Alder is blunt and tells people what they need to hear.[1]



Holly is Alder's wife, and they work well together.[2]


While Alder dislikes Crim, he is patient with Crim and is willing to give him advice even though Crim forgets it if he's drunk. Alder is one of the few people that Crim will not argue with.[3]

Grumpy Canid

The Canid is always at the Land's End door before it opens. He even came during a day when the snow piled up to his chest and everyone else was snowed in. Alder took pity on him and let him in for a hot drink.[4]


Alder believes that Quinlan will make an excellent Captain of the Guard.[5]

Quinlan's Parents

Alder tells Crim he knew Quinlan's parents, and is upset when Crim speaks ill of them.[6]


While Alder concedes that Caldus is a hero and never speaks ill of him, he also calls Caldus stubborn and "set in his ways."[7]


Alder is a good cook, and switches off monitoring the kitchens in the back of the Land's End.[8]


Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter One

Alder is working as the bartender on the day Quinlan, Dakkan, Kenosh, and Janik meet in the Land's End to discuss their respective political missions.[9]

The Land's End

A week later, Alder works as bartender again when Crim comes in. Alder and Crim talk about Quinlan and his history and relationship with Caldus. Alder also gives Crim some blunt advice about his attitude and thinks maybe since Crim had only two drinks, he might remember it this time.[10]


Alder has an eyepatch over his left eye and a devious grin.[11]