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The Canid Assassins are two Canid attacking the Sunsgrovian Embassy.[1]

Canid Assassins Portrait
Occupation: Assassins
Weaponry: Sabers
Status:Slated for Execution[2]
Appearances:Song of the Eastern Sands


The assassins are skilled in bladed[3] and unarmed combat. They are capable of easily defeating a skilled blade wielder[4]


The assassins attacked Sunsgrovians in the embassy, killing two guards and a Lutren civilian[5] before one assassin is taken out by Beck, who knocks him out with a bag of amber drops. The remaining assassin is challenged by Rook,[6] but the assassin quickly overpowers Rook,[7] but before he can kill Rook, he is attacked by Asha. The assassin turns his attention to her. He blocks her attack but Rook kicks the assassin's knee out of alignment.[8]

The remaining assassin chooses to flee out the window, but is pursued by Asha[9] who chases him across several rooftops.[10] The Canid draws a knife to throw at Asha, but she leaps onto him and headbutts him.[11] Asha's attack knocks him out.[12]

Asha left the assassin for the authorities to find.[13] Both assassins have been apprehended and are scheduled for execution.[14]


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  • The assassins wear matching arm bands