Chapter Three: Outcasts of the Western Deep[1] is the next installment of Beyond the Western Deep. After Song of the Eastern Sands finished, Chapter Three began on October 22, 2016.[2]

Chapter Three takes place a few days after the events of Chapter Two and overlaps slightly with the end of Song of the Eastern Sands.[3] Janik is set to be a point of view character.[4]


As the caravan travels to Nessa, Mitra tutors Janik on Vulpin politics.[5]


As the caravan travels to Nessa, Janik tries to list off [6] the members of the Vulpin Council.[7] She gets hung up near the end of the list, and Mitra notes this is where Janik always gets hung up. Janik insists that she’s got the name, but fails to recall it.[8]

Mitra prompts Janik by asking Janik where Tess’ family holds the most power- Janik uses a rhyming mneumonic device to remember the Council Member’s name is Tess.[9] Mitra compliments Janik, and Janik asks her how long it took Mitra to memorize their names. Mitra tells Janik that what the Council controls is more important than their names, and that the Council’s decisions are influenced by how it affects their power over Navran. Janik asks why they don’t take the people into account, and Mitra tells Janik that one can’t help anyone if they don’t have power, and that Janik needs to remember that.[10]