Cloaked Figure Portrait
Gender: Unknown
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep

"I am one of the few left to tell this tale."

-Cloaked Figure[1]

The Cloaked Figure is an Ermehn who appears in the prologue. Very little is known about this character.


The figure wears a brown cloak that conceals most identifying features.[2] All that can be ascertained is that the Figure is an Ermehn, because of the body shape and the tail that sticks out under the cloak.[3][4]

Underneath the cloak, the figure wears a green tunic.[5]


After passing through the city,[6] the Figure is welcomed into The Spire of Gair by a Felis scholar.[7] The scholar leads the Figure through the Spire of Gair[8] to the well-guarded room at the apex of the Spire,[9] where the most important historical tomes are stored.[10] The Felis begin to record the Figure's story.[11]


Beyond the Western Deep: Prologue- Pages 1-3, 5


  • The Cloaked Figure first appeared in the Prologue, Page 1.[12]
  • Although the Cloaked Figure seems to be on good terms with the scholars, the guards do not seem to like the presence of the Figure in the Spire. [13]