Dabheid Portrait
Pronunciation: DAHB-heed[1]
Gender: Male
Origin: Terria, Sunsgrove
Allegiance: Lutra, Aisling
Occupation: Royalty
Rank: King of Terria
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep

Dabheid is the king of the Tamian. He handles Sunsgrovian affairs that affect the Tamian, and makes joint decisions with Queen Sorcha about matters that affect all of Sunsgrove.[2]


Dabheid is "a personable sort" and is unwilling to sit when his guests must remain standing.[3] When thinking, Dabheid has a habit of steepling his fingers together.[4]



Caldus served as Dabheid's captain for many years and they had a close bond.[5] Dabheid granted Caldus' dying wish that Quinlan succeed him as Captain of the Guard,[6] even though the position should have gone to Crim.[7]


Dabheid and Quinlan are close because of the mutual bond they shared with Quinlan's grandfather.[8] Whenever Quinlan goes to hide from his overwhelming duties in the Western Deep, the King goes to look for him.[9][10]



Dabheid decorates Caldus in a ceremony.[11]

After Kenosh returned from the war, King Dabheid called him to Terria.[12]

Beyond the Western Deep: Chapter One

King Dabheid greets Quinlan upon his late arrival to the meeting,[13] gently chastising him for his tardiness.[14] Kenosh fills them in on the situation to the north.[15] When Quinlan ask why this means Sunsgrove has to get involved,[16] Dabheid explains that because of the Treaty of Cenolau, Sunsgrove is compelled to send aid to the Canid if Aisling is attacked. Kenosh protests,[17] claiming that helping the Canid would be participating in mass-murder. Dabheid cuts off his outburst, pointing out they can't antagonize their allies and asking Kenosh what other options he has.[18] Kenosh proposes an appeal to the Canid General Clovis and requests that Quinlan join them as a show of Sunsgrovian unity. Dabheid considers,[19] then accepts. He escorts Kenosh out of the throne room, discussing supplies for the journey ahead.[20]


Unlike most Tamian, Dabheid is heavyset because of the long hours spent on the ground entertaining foreign dignitaries.[21]




  • In the original draft, Dabheid was to refer to Quinlan as "My boy" to underscore their strong bond. It was changed at the last minute because Rachel and Alex felt that it was "too familial". [22] It was changed back in the final print revision of Beyond the Western Deep: Volume One.