Dabheid's Palace is the throne room and dwelling place of the current Tamian King, Dabheid.[1]

The palace is built from wooden crosshatch and covered with green cloth. It is emblazoned with red oak leaves, the symbol of the Tamian.[2]

Inside the throne room, the floor is simple packed earth with a red carpet bordered with green leading to the throne. An artificial stream runs through the room, creating a small barrier between the throne and the rest of the chamber. The room is lit with glass containers containing fireflies, which are inset into the floor. The throne is carved from wood, with an oak leaf banner hanging above it. Two guards remain in there while he is entertaining trusted allies.[3]

Unlike most Tamian structures, the palace rests upon the forest floor. This is to provide easy access to foreign emissaries who desire an audience with the King. The upper floor serves as a house for the King, but like most Tamian, he is not there very often.[4]



  • The artificial river in the palace is based on a zen garden. [5]