Eira Portrait
Pronunciation: EYE-rah[1]
Gender: Female
Origin: The Northern Wastes
Allegiance: The Sratha-din
Occupation: Scribe
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep


Eira chose to look away when the champion was killed.[2] She avoids conflict with others, even if they're trusted allies.[3]





Eira complimented Bevan on his throwing technique.[4] The two have also engaged in light banter.[5]


Rhosyn took issue when Eira named Bevan as the best shot in the tribe, causing Eira to revise her statement.[6] However, Rhosyn held no ill will over this and shared a smile with Eira when she showed up Rathik.[7]


Rathik tried to impress Eira and Rhosyn with his experience.[8]


Eira is the only member of the Sratha-din who cannot hold her own in battle.[9][10][11] She is also the only known Ermehn scribe in the Wastes besides Ashtor.[12]


Chapter One

Eira watches with the other Sratha-din as Hardin publicly duels the champion of Feyn's tribe.[13] When Hardin kills the champion, Eira looks away.[14] She listens to Hardin's speech with the other Sratha-din.[15]

Chapter Two

Hardin Consults

Eira watches Bevan throw his knives. Eira compliments him on his skills, while Rhosyn is more dismissive of Bevan’s cockiness.[16] When Eira says Bevan is the best shot in the Sratha-Din, Rhosyn huffs in disagreement. Eira revises her opinion to placate Rhosyn, but Bevan offers to settle it now with the best of five. Rathik arrives and tells Bevan that Hardin wants to see him.[17]

Bevan leaves, and Rathik offers Eira and Rhosyn combat tips, but Rhosyn scores a bullseye from ten paces and tells Rathik they’ll manage.[18] Eira shares a smile with Rhosyn as Rathik walks off in an attempt to save face.[19]

The Eve of the Attack

Hardin asks Ashtor what he and Eira plan to do during the attack, and Ashtor says they will hold by the western shore of Lake Felnach until dawn with two soldiers for protection. Hardin tells Ashtor to take four.[20] Eira writes in her journal as the conversation goes on. Ashtor asks Hardin if he can spare four warriors, and Hardin reminds Ashtor that the Sratha-din is composed of the finest scouts and warriors- and that Ashtor is the last known Ermehn scholar, and Eira may be the last known scribe in the Northern Wastes. Ashtor reluctantly concedes this point.[21] Eira sees Ashtor go over to Rathik to collect four soldiers, and prepares to leave.[22]


Eira wears a tan shawl that covers her chest and a green skirt with a diamond-patterned waistline. Her hands and feet are bandaged, and she always carries a satchel[23] with writing materials.[24]