Feyn Portrait.

Feyn Deltrada

Gender: Male
Origin: The Northern Wastes
Allegiance: The Sratha-din
Weaponry: Sword
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep


Feyn is scruffy and very outspoken.[1]




Chapter One

After the tribe champion dies, Feyn recovers first[2] and emerges from the crowd, asking Hardin why they would join with leader of a dead tribe, calling Hardin the self-proclaimed savior of the Ermehn. Hardin returns that he has never claimed to be a savior or a leader,[3] and that the Ermehn are weak when they fight amongst themselves.[4] He continues that instead of fighting each other, the Ermehn need to be fighting the Canid.[5]

Feyn calls Hardin a madman, claiming that his plan would kill them all but Hardin cuts him off, saying the Ermehn have been dead for generations.[6] He goes on to say that the Canid hunt them down like savages because that is what the Ermehn have become, and that the Canid will not rest until they are all dead. Feyn says that even if all the tribes banded together, they would not stand a chance.[7] Hardin says that he only needs one. He promises Feyn that if they fight with him, it'll be the best chance they'll ever get to take back what was lost. Feyn looks doubtful, but no longer protests and stops another member of his tribe from confronting Hardin.[8]

Chapter Two

Hardin Consults

As Bevan walks through the camp, Feyn puts on a breastplate with the help of an elder.[9]

The Eve of the Attack

As the Sratha-din watch Deltrada Garrison from an overhang in the mountains,[10] Feyn ties his cloak.[11]


Feyn and two Ermehn break into the tower where the Sunsgrovian envoy is being held.[12] Feyn says the Sunsgrovians are with the Canid and need to be killed.[13] Feyn stays back to guard the door as his companions attack the envoy.[14] When Quinlan defeats his foe, Feyn comes up behind Quinlan to attack,[15] but Dakkan throws his enemy into Feyn, knocking both Ermehn down.[16]

Feyn and his companions catch the envoy again outside the tower.[17] When Dakkan attempts to explain that they aren’t working with the Canid, Feyn calls Dakkan a liar and attacks Quinlan although Quinlan tries to tell the Feyn he doesn’t want to fight. Quinlan blocks Feyn’s strike with his treewalker blade,[18] and redirects Feyn’s blade. However, Feyn strikes again and slams Quinlan against the wall, disarming himl.[19]

Quinlan backs away in fear,[20] but dodges Feyn’s next strike, and grabs his cloak.[21] Quinlan throws Feyn against the wall, disarming him, and goes to punch him but Feyn catches the strike, and bites Quinlan on the left shoulder.[22] Quinlan breaks free, and he and Feyn grapple for a moment until Feyn gets his hands on Quinlan’s neck and starts choking him. Quinlan hefts Feyn’s weight up and breaks free, tipping Feyn up and over the wall.[23] Feyn falls to his death.[24]


Feyn is missing his right eye.


Beyond the Western Deep