Gair is the capital city of Kishar[1], the Felis kingdom.[2] It was the first city to be founded,[3] and it is the largest city in the Four Kingdoms.[4]


The founding of Gair marked the beginning of recorded history in the Four Kingdoms. The Felis placed the start of their dating system at the Gair's founding, believing that the foundation of the city would lead to an era of knowledge that would place the Felis above the other races. For this reason, the Felis named the first Era "The Era of Reason".[5]

Gair grew around a good coastal fishing spot. By 1E:20, Gair had a small port and was already attracting foreign trade and immigrants. Markets and fisheries were separated, but both were haphazardly constructed on the beach- which remains mostly true today.[6]


Gair is the home to The Spire of Gair, a great library that contains history recorded from first-hand accounts all over the Four Kingdoms.[7] It is also a large port city.[8] Gair's archetecture draws travellers and wayfarers.[9]

Notable Places


A Lutren and a Vulpin have been seen in Gair.[11]

Ermehn are commonly seen on the slave blocks in Kishar.[12]

Gair is the most likely place to find races outside the seven native to the Four Kingdoms.[13]


Because of its status as a port city,[14] Gair serves as an avenue of trade outside the Four Kingdoms.[15][16]

Markets and fisheries remain mostly as originally built: haphazardly constructed on the beach.[17]