Jerome Jacinto is the artist for Song of the Eastern Sands[1][2] and The Adventures of Cain and Yurk.[3]

Jerome had done several guest art pieces for Beyond the Western Deep before his involvement in Song of the Eastern Sands, including a bonus piece that came with the self-published edition of Volume One.[4]

On January 17, 2015 it was announced that a side comic illustrated by Jerome would be posted between Beyond the Western Deep chapters two and three.[5] The Adventures of Cain and Yurk was announced shortly after that on June 23, 2015.[6]

The Adventures of Cain and Yurk ran from September 26, 2015[7] to October 17, 2015.[8] Song of the Eastern Sands ran from October 24, 2015.[9] to October 15, 2016.[10]

Jerome has done illustration work for Armello.[11] He also worked as an art director on Tooth and Tail.[12]

He invests his spare time in martial arts, parkour, and video games.[13]

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