Kishar is the kingdom inhabited by the Felis.[1] It was created seventy years ago, at the signing of the Treaty of Cenolau.[2]


It is the farthest kingdom to the east and has territory in the Aderyn Mountains.[3]

The Felis use concrete in their buildings,[4] the beautiful architecture of which draws travellers and wayfarers.[5]

Notable Places


Kishar has at least one Sunsgrovian embassy.[8]


The Felis use gold coins as their currency.[9]

Because of its status as a port city,[10] Gair serves as an avenue of trade outside the Four Kingdoms.[11]

Slave Labor

The Felis are involved in the slave trade,[12] and use slave labor to complete their large buildings.[13]


Kishar has trade relations outside the Four Kingdoms through its port city of Gair.[14]


  • The Felis gold currency is intended to show a dichotomy with the Vulpin silver coinage.[15]