The Land's End is a tavern in Terria. For the short story, go to The Land's End.

The Land's End is popular because of the excellent food and because of the free advice given by the proprietors. It opens at dusk every day.[1]


The Land's End has two proprietors- Alder and Holly, a husband and wife team. They take turns bartending and managing the kitchens, switching off the duties at regular intervals.[2]


The evening after Quinlan's fight with Crim, Dakkan recounts the fight to his father and Janik.[3] The conversation turns to their political missions[4] and they share a toast to their success.[5]

A week later, Crim goes to the Land's End and confides his anger and frustration in Alder, as he has frequently done. Alder tells Crim, again, that he is too short-tempered and has a poor attitude to be a good officer, and tells Crim he needs to work on those if he wants to be anything more than Scout Captain. Alder watches Crim leave and hopes Crim will remember his advice this time.[6]


The Land's End is inside a tree trunk, with windows set into the wood.[7] Like Dabheid's Palace, Land's End is lit by glass globes filled with fireflies, except they hang from the ceiling.[8]


Usually, regulars come in around dusk no matter the weather. Most nights, the tavern is full before sunset. A line stretching around the tree is a common sight to regulars.[9]

Although its clientele are mostly Tamian,[10] Lutren politicans and diplomats[11] in the vicinity have been known to pay a visit. A Canid[12] regularly visits the tavern and is always there before the tavern opens at dusk. One winter, he came even when the snow piled up to his chest and all the other regulars were in their trees.[13] Furthermore, a Vulpin has been spotted amongst the crowd.[14]


The Land's End serves a variety of dishes and the menu changes daily. Leftovers are served early the previous day to prevent waste.[15]

Wines and ales are made from local grains and berries.[16] A popular seasonal drink is pine nettle ale sweetened with maple sugar. This ale is known for its rank smell and costs one amber drop per glass.[17]

They also bake their own bread every morning,[18] and pack them with seeds or sweeten the batter with sap.[19]

Salads are a staple dish of the tavern,[20] along with fresh vegetables such as pumpkin and squash.[21] These vegetables are served steamed as a main dish or in soups as either the primary ingredient or to augment noodles made from starches[22] such as buckwheat.[23]

For the carnivorous patrons, the Land's End also has a selection of fish and fowl,[24] ranging from seafood soup to cedar plank salmon.[25]

In the wintertime, the Land's End serves spruce beer, which is made from fermented spruce buds.[26]


  • The sign on the wall at Land's End is written in English, which is supposed to represent a "common" language used by all cultures to converse with each other. This reflects that Land's End welcomes diversity.[27] It also has cultural motifs from both Sunsgrovian cultures- the blue waves of the Lutren and a tree for the Tamian.[28]
  • The glasses used to serve ale at the Land's End aren't cheap.[29]
  • The walls are decorated with:[30]
    • A map of Sunsgrove
    • A bow with an illegible plaque under it
    • A few sketches
    • A bundle of garlic
    • A Treewalker mandible [31]
    • A Tamian dartboard [32]