Navran is the kingdom inhabited by the Vulpin.[1] It was created seventy years ago at the signing of the The Treaty of Cenolau.[2]


When Navran was founded in the First Era[3] Navran was ruled by a king,[4] who had a wife and two children.[5] However, the king was assassinated, creating a power vacuum that nearly destroyed Navran. Now the Vulpin are ruled by a council.[6]


The largest of the kingdoms,[7] Navran's land is mostly desert, [8] which draws travellers and wayfarers.[9] The capital city is the only reliable source of water.[10] Navran is split into ten regions.[11]

Notable Places


Navran is notable in that their capital city has citizens of all species living there. More traditional Vulpin live outside of Nessa, and they protest the heavy presence of outsiders in their kingdom.[18]


The seat of Vulpin power is a council of ten members, each representing one of the ten regions of Navran. Qualifications for membership include being rich, influential, and from a high-caste family.[19] Since Nessa is home to nearly every imaginable race, creed, and culture, the politics rapidly get complicated. [20]

There is a Sunsgrovian Embassy in Nessa.[21] The Tamian currently have at least two ambassadors in Nessa to push Tamian agendas, for the sake of Terria and the ex-Sunsgrovian Tamian living in Navran.[22]


Vulpin currency takes the form of silver coins.[23] A discounted jewel-quality amber pendant is worth three hundred silvers.[24]

Fine scarves from outside the Four Kingdoms can be purchased in the Nessan marketplace.[25]


  • The Vulpin silver currency is intended to show a dichotomy with the Felis gold coinage.[26]