"[The Polcan are] a desperate race that has been displaced from its homeland far across the sea..."- Alex Kain[1]

Polcan Crew

The Polcan are relative newcomers to the Four Kingdoms.[2]


The Polcan are from an unknown continent across the sea, and have only recently joined the world of the Four Kingdoms. Like the Ermehn, they have been forcibly displaced from their homeland.[3] They first attacked the western coasts during the war,[4] in 2E:98[5] and that attack led to the alliance between the Lutren and the Tamian[6] and was one of the major events that led to the signing of the Treaty of Cenolau.[7]

Presently, the Polcan frequently attack the western coasts of Sunsgrove.[8]


The Polcan are a sea-going people. They live primarily on their ships and they are the only race to use bronze. They are represented by the color purple.[9]

Because they don't have much land, it is very difficult for a Polcan to acquire a full set of armor. Their weapons and plate armor are made of bronze and their chainmail is iron. Thus, the more armor a Polcan has, the higher their rank.[10]


To a point, the Polcan are capable of trading with the Ermehn. The Polcan sympathize with the current state of the Ermehn and are capable of sailing almost completely around any Canid checkpoint.[11]

Notable Polcan



  • "Atoa" is an old, rare Polcan name.[12]
  • The Polcan are based on ferrets and polecats,[13] specifically marbled polecats.[14]
  • Before the decision was made to publish Beyond the Western Deep as a webcomic, the creators planned to publish a webcomic-only prequel. This comic would have featured the Polcan's backstory. [15]