Rathik Portrait
Pronunciation: WRATH-ick[1]
Gender: Male
Origin: The Northern Wastes
Family: Sratha (Ancestor)[2]
Allegiance: The Sratha-din
Weaponry: Axe,[3] Bare hands
Appearances:Beyond the Western Deep

Rathik is a descendent of Sratha.[4]




Rathik has complete trust in Hardin and his abilities.[5]


Rathik is skilled with an axe.[6]


Chapter One

The Sratha-din watch as Hardin duels the champion of Feyn's tribe. Rathik comments that Hardin is doing well in the fight,[7] and asks Ashtor what he thinks. When Ashtor says he thinks diplomacy would have been a better tactic, Rathik responds that the fight is diplomacy.[8] Ashtor tells Rathik the fight is a waste of time, but Rathik believes Hardin has a plan,[9] and points out that Hardin wouldn't have watched the tribe for days without a reason.[10] Rathik watches Hardin kill the champion[11] and listens as Hardin convinces the champion’s tribe to fight with him.[12] He comes forward when Hardin calls him, Rhosyn and Bevan forward[13] to prepare the tribe for war.[14]

Chapter Two

Hardin Consults

Rathik finds Bevan as he’s about to compete with Rhosyn for the title of best shot in the Sratha-Din and tells him that Hardin wants to see him.[15] After Bevan leaves, he offers Eira and Rhosyn combat tips, but Rhosyn scores a bullseye from ten paces and tells Rathik they’ll manage.[16] Rathik walks off in an attempt to save face.[17]

The Eve of the Attack

Ashtor talks to Rathik to get four soldiers to protect him and Eira at Lake Felnach.[18]


He stops Dakkan’s attack on Rhosyn by grabbing Dakkan by the throat and lifting him. Disarming him, he carries Dakkan over to Hardin and starts to ask if he can kill him, but Kenosh cuts him off and begs him not to.[19] Hardin orders Rathik to let Dakkan go, and Kenosh gets mad at Hardin, and asks him why he didn’t wait like he said he would.[20] Rathik goes out the front gate with Hardin and the other core Sratha-din.[21]


Rathik is far larger than the average Ermehn.[22]