The Sunsgrovian Embassy is a building in each of the Four Kingdoms outside Sunsgrove.[1]


The Embassy is where travelers on official business exchange currency and make trade deals.[2]


The embassies have well-guarded treasure rooms.[3] These treasure rooms have an selection of all the currencies of the Four Kingdoms-[4] amber, pearl flakes, gold,[5] obsidian and silver currencies.[6]

Embassy in Aisling

After the events at Deltrada Garrison, it will be closing soon.[7]

Embassy in Nessa

Embassy Layout

A map of the embassy in Nessa

The Sunsgrovian Embassy in Nessa was robbed by the Sand Spiders[8] the night it was attacked by assassins.[9] The Sand Spiders stop the assassins[10][11] but not before the two treasury guards[12] and two of the ambassador's guards are killed,[13] and the Lutren ambassador injured.[14] Ambassador Rowan is traumatized, but unharmed.[15]