Tabitha Portrait
Age: Elderly[2]
Gender: Female
Family: Asha (Daughter)
Occupation: Barkeep
Appearances:Song of the Eastern Sands

Tabitha is the Felis barkeeper of Abadis Tavern[3] Her tavern is the base of operations for the Sand Spiders.[4]


Tabby is temperamental,[5] but kind hearted.[6]



Tabby took Asha in when she was a newborn, newly-orphaned Ermehn, saving her from a terrible fate and raising her as a daughter.[7] She cares a lot about her daughter, expressing concern when she is late[8] and greeting her warmly when she returns.[9] She banned her daughter from going with Rook and Beck because she felt overprotective after the danger her daughter experienced on the Embassy hit.[10]


Tabby points out that Asha and her associates are late to Theo.[11] She asks Theo if he got her daughter in trouble, and at his non-answer she begins to threaten him but is interrupted by the arrival of her daughter.[12] Thrilled at her daughter's safe return, Tabby greets her daughter[13] and guesses that it was a Felis lock that Asha had trouble picking.[14] When Theo immediately tries to bring up another job, Tabby chides him and tells him to give the Sand Spiders a moment.[15]

When the Sand Spiders return from the heist, Tabitha points out that since Beck accepted Ambassador Rowan's offer, she technically works for the Sunsgrovian Embassy.[16] When the Spiders realize they were supposed to take the fall for the Embassy murders, Tabitha scoffs and reminds the Spiders that she always tells them to avoid politics, but they never listen to her.[17] Tabitha forbids Asha from going north with Rook and Beck to find Janik.[18]


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