Terria is the Tamian capital of Sunsgrove.[1] It is the home of the Tamian race and half of the effective ruling power of the kingdom of Sunsgrove.[2]


Terria is in the Western Deep.[3] While Terria is about the same size as Nessa, Terria is not as sprawled out as Nessa.[4]


In Terria, snowdrifts can reach as high as a Canid's chest.[5]


There are oak[6] pine, maple, and spruce trees around Terria. Locals have access to pumpkin, squash, and grains like buckwheat.[7]

Notable Places


Due to the close relationship between the Tamian and the Lutren, Lutren are commonly seen in Terria.[8]


Very few Tamian have homes, most being content to sleep in the communal hammocks on the outer edges of the city. The hammocks are said to resemble a large spiderweb.[9]

The Tamian who do have houses are generally nobility. All the houses are in one part of the city and are passed down from generation to generation. These houses are only partially carved into the side of the trees to prevent from injuring the trees. Every house has at least one room and a balcony.[10]

A few houses are outfitted with nets to make access easier for the Lutren visitors.[11] Homes that have many foreign visitors, such as the King's audience chamber, are on the ground to allow easier access.[12]


Terria uses amber drops for currency.[13]

At least one independent tavern runs in Terria. They take amber drops.[14]