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"A successful Tesque student never stops moving." -Crim[1]

Tesque is an old martial art used by the Tamian. There are several ranks, with the highest being "Master." Mastery of Tesque is a required skill for the Captain of the Royal Guard.[2] Young Tamian get at least a few year's training in Tesque.[3]


The Tamian believe that the god Tesque created Tesque when he fought and defeated Treewalkers with his bare hands. Despire the origins of the martial art, fighting Treewalkers is not condoned by the artform. Occasionally, some Tamian try to duplicate Tesque's feat, but it has not ended well for any of them.[4]

The Tenets

The Tenets form the philosophical basis behind the martial art. [5] The Tenets also define the Tamian military strategy, and are a guide to daily life. [6]

  1. A foot on the ground is a foot in the grave [7] This tenet emphasizes the speed advantage the Tamian warrior has.[8] To those who do not practice the martial art, it is a caution against idleness.[9]
  2. See the ground, feel the air [10] This tenet emphasizes awareness of one's surroundings. [11]
  3. Everything is a weapon [12] This tenet means that the right distraction is as useful as an attack, if not moreso. [13]

Known Users

  • Tesque- the Tamian god-king and inventor of Tesque.
  • Quinlan- Rank: Master [14]
  • Crim- Rank: Unknown. He is skilled enough to serve as an instructor.[15]
  • Caldus- Rank: Unknown, presumed Master because of his Rank as Captain of the Royal Guard[16]


  • Tesque was largely inspired by Muay Thai [17]