Our words are the final vestige of events long since passed, and so it is of utmost importance that every word be rendered, every detail committed without expense, else the future generations may forget why the world has changed so. - Cloaked Figure.[1][2][3]

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A hand unties a scroll entitled "Prologue" in Felis Text and English.[4]


The Cloaked Figure makes its way through the crowded city of Gair.[5] Welcomed into The Spire of Gair by a Scholar,[6] the Cloaked Figure is led to the Peak Room, where other scholars prepare to record the Figure's tale.[7]

A brief overview of the continent's history follows, recounted through the scrolls of the Felis scholars. The Seven Races fought amongst themselves because of their pride and racial arrogance.[8] Thousands were slain. After the war ended, the Four Kingdoms were built over the battlegrounds.[9] However, the hatred remained. Unable to build a single, united kingdom,[10] the races went their separate ways and built four kingdoms, finding peace in separation.[11]

The Ermehn were displaced from their homeland into the Northern Wastes[12][13] by the ruthless Canid warriors.[14]

The Felis have the eastern kingdom of Kishar,[15] which features The Spire of Gair, a library containing historical texts from all across the Four Kingdoms.[16] The Vulpin have the desert kingdom of Navran, whose capital Nessa is a haven for citizens of all cultures and scholars, although both are protested by the traditional Vulpin.[17] The two kingdoms are competing in a bitter arms race.[18]

The kingdom of Sunsgrove is jointly ruled by the Tamian and the Lutren, but they are constantly under attack from the seafaring Polcan.[19] The Lutren hold off the Polcan attacks while the Tamian patrol the untamed, monster-infested Western Deep.[20]

The scrolls note that it seemed as though peace and civilization had finally taken root,[21] but it took very little to destroy everything. The scrolls end. In the Northern Wastes, Hardin sharpens a knife in preparation for the events he is to put into motion.[22]

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  • Originally, page 4 wasn't part of the layout. Pages 3 and 5 were originally going to flow directly into each other. However, they felt that an establishing shot of the Spire's architecture was necessary to understand the layout of the building.[23] To aid with the perspective, Rachel rendered a model in 3D[24] using Blender.[25]
  • Pages six and seven were originally intended to be one page drawn in a more realistic style. However, the creators realized that it was two pages' worth of material crammed into one space, thus detracting from the visual impact.[26]
  • Translated Felis Text can be found in the Author Commentary on Page 8, for those who aspire to learn. Rachel states that "The Felis script is usually a paraphrasing or rewording of the English text."[27]