The Spire of Gair[1] is a library in the Felis capital city. It is the tallest structure ever built in the Four Kingdoms.[2]


The Spire has a unique structure- an outer circular shell with a spire through the center. The shell and the spire are connected by bridges.[3]

In the highest room, the most important historical documents are stored. It is heavily guarded.[4] The Peak Room is circular, with shelves built into the walls and Felis Text engraved on the floor.[5]


The Spire of Gair was completed 2E:1[6]

After current events, a mysterious figure cloaked in brown is welcomed into the Spire by a scholar.[7] The Figure is led to the Peak Room,[8][9] where they are greeted by other librarians who begin to record the Ermehn's story.[10]


Aside from housing valuable historical records,[11] the Spire serves as a place of study for Felis scholars, who spend hours researching history and its inconsistencies.[12]

The librarians wear orange and yellow robes.[13][14]

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Originally, page 4 wasn't part of the layout. Pages 3 and 5 were originally going to flow directly into each other. However, they felt that an establishing shot of the Spire's architecture was necessary to understand the layout of the building.[21]

To aid with the perspective, Rachel rendered a model of the gallery in 3D[22] using Blender.[23]