"...have been torn between these new world views and their ancient customs. "- Alex Kain[1]

The Vulpin reside in the desert kingdom of Navran.[2] Known as the most accommodating of the races, their capital city is home to many different cultures, races, and creeds.[3]
Nessa Street

A scholar and a nomad have an encounter.

Geographic Distribution

While most Vulpin live in their kingdom of Navran, some have been sighted in Gair[4] and in Terria.[5]

The Vulpin have repeatedly tried to map the Uncharted Lands, but every expedition has failed for various reasons. So many have failed, all races but the Felis have accepted that those lands will remain uncharted.[6]


The Vulpin struggle to maintain a balance between their traditional ways and the new ideas of their scholars. Their capital city of Nessa has species from all over the Four Kingdoms living in it, which puts the city at odds with the rest of the kingdom. The more traditional Vulpin live outside of Nessa, and they protest the heavy presence of outsiders in their kingdom.[7]

Many subcultures exist in Navran, the most notable of which among the Vulpin are the scholars and the nomads.[8] The Vulpin scholars are engaged in an intellectual rivalry with the Felis.[9]


The nomads like in close-knit clans that can thrive in any setting- whether in the desert or the back streets of Nessa. They have many dances, the function of which ranges from ceremonial to complex interpretive dances that chronicle history.[10] They pass down their stories in a song form.[11] The nomads also employ choral musical pieces, as well as being partial to the fiddle and woodwinds. [12]

Currency =

Vulpin currency takes the form of silver coins.[13] A discounted jewel-quality amber pendant is worth three hundred silvers.[14]


When it comes to lock technology, the Vulpin are losing the arms race against the Felis.[15]


  • The Vulpin first appear in the Prologue on Page 1.[16]
  • The Vulpin are based on the kit fox, and they also get their name from the Latin binomial Vulpes. [17]
  • Vulpin have tinted eyes that range from yellow to copper.[18]Prologue, Page 7]</ref>