The Vulpin Council is the seat of power in Navran. There are ten members, one for each major district of the kingdom. Only rich, influential individuals from the highest caste are qualified to join the Council.[1] All members of the Vulpin Council hold their positions because they have more power than the other Vulpin- whether it be through wealth, influence, land or some combination of the three.[2]


The Council was created after the unnamed Vulpin king was assassinated, which led to a a power vacuum that nearly caused the nation to collapse on itself. Now, power is evenly shared among the Council.[3]



The Vulpin Council have at least one adviser from Sunsgrove to influence their decisions for the benefit of Terria and the Tamian living in Nessa.[14] Since Nessa is home to many races, creeds, and cultures, there is a significant conflict of interests.[15]

There are no votes outside the Vulpin Council, and often the majority vote is affected by how a decision will personally affect the member in question- trade deals, for example, affect each member differently, some for the worse and some for the better.[16]